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About The Fly Pry

The Fly Pry TM - (Patent Pending)


The inspiration for The Fly Pry TM design came about thanks to a broken zipper slide on a sleeping bag.  This zipper slide was sitting in my toolbox for a few years until one day I was faced with a horrific encounter.  A cold beer and no bottle opener in sight.  I was about to use a pair of channel lock pliers when this old, broken zipper slide smiled at me from inside the tool drawer.  I performed a quick modification on the little guy and bam...instant bottle opener.  This was my light bulb moment as they say, so I quickly hit the drawing board and came up with what you now know as The Fly PryTM!

Originally designed to replace the zipper pull on your jacket or gear with something a little more useful, The Fly Pry is a titanium multi-tool designed to be as small as possible, but still maintain practical functionality.  The Fly Pry includes 12+ features in a package no bigger than a standard zipper slide.  Not only can you use it as a zipper pull, but it also works great on backpacks, key chains, briefcases, neck lanyards, fishing vests, scuba gear...the possibilities are endless.  Made from military grade titanium for its corrosion resistance, lightweight properties, and not to mention cool factor.  The Fly Pry is made right here in the USA in our shop just outside of Boston, MA .  They're water jet cut by machine and then finished by hand one at a time.  Chisel edge is hand ground to 45 degrees for prying, lifting or scraping.  Sharp enough to cut boxes or open a tuna can, but not sharp enough to cut yourself.
Dimensions: King Fly & Queen Fly: 1.25"x.5" and  Micro Fly: 1"x.5"


Available in 3 different models:

  • The King Pry(TM):  All the features
  • The Queen Pry(TM):  No key chain attachment hole.  Uses 1/4" hex bit adapter as attachment point
  • The Micro Pry(TM):  Minimalist version.  No 1/4" hex bit adapter, Only key chain attachment hole, and 1/4" shorter.

The Fly Pry(TM) comes in the following material:

  • Titanium 6AL-4V (Military Grade 5)
  • Bronze (Aluminum Bronze)
  • Brass (Naval Brass)
  • Timascus (Titanium Damascus)

Colors & Finish:
Finish: Standard Bead Blast(Matte) or Stonewashed Finish(Satin)
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Bronze, or Natural


  1. Pry Bar - Pulling up staples or brad nails
  2. Scraper - Scrape bark for tinder, lottery tickets
  3. Bottle Opener
  4. 1/4" Hex Bit Holder
  5. 1/8" Hex Bit Holder
  6. Box Cutter
  7. Can Opener
  8. Screw Driver (Flathead)
  9. Screw Hook Wrench
  10. Key Chain Attachment
  11. Zipper Pull
  12. Notch Cutter - For building shelter

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